Alicia Sampedro

Alicia Sampedro

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English: C1

Italian: B2

I am a bilingual Physics and Chemistry Teacher at IES Cardenal Pardo in Tavera but I am also passionate about the use of ICT and robotics in the classroom.

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    Higher Technician in Web Applications Development, 2017

    CIFP of Ponferrada

  • πŸŽ“

    Degree in Physics, 2006

    University of Salamanca

  • πŸŽ“

    Technical Engineer in Computer Systems, 2005

    University of Salamanca


  • πŸ“š Periodic Table

    COMING SOON Periodic Table and Electron Configuration.

  • πŸ“š Chemical Reactions

    COMING SOON Balancing Chemical Equations, Mass-Mass Calculations and Mass-Volume Calculations.

  • πŸ“š Motion

    COMING SOON Linear and Circular Motion.

  • πŸ“š Forces

    COMING SOON Newton’s Laws and Forces of Special Interest.

  • πŸ“š Fluids

    COMING SOON Concept of Pressure, Principles of Hydrostatics and Atmospheric Physics.

  • πŸ“š Energy, Work and Heat

    COMING SOON Energy and its Forms of Exchange (Work and Heat).

  • Alicia Sampedro

    Soc Professora de FΓ­sica i QuΓ­mica bilingΓΌe a l’IES Cardenal Pardo de Tavera perΓ² tambΓ© sΓ³c una apassionada de l’ΓΊs de les TIC i la robΓ²tica a l’aula.