Periodic Table of Scientists

Periodic Table with Distinguished Scientists

Inspired by the DC Periodic Table, Jésica Sánchez Mazón and myself present our version with distinguished scientists.

Each image is a link that takes you to the scientist’s Wikipedia page. In addition, on the back (second page of the PDF) you can see both the name of each element and that of each scientist (both linked to Wikipedia).


Some notes about the Table:

  • As far as possible, we have chosen scientists (physicists/chemists and some mathematicians) whose surname reminds us of the element’s name (both pronounced in English).
  • Elements named after a scientist are associated with that scientist.
  • Elements whose symbol coincides with a unit that comes from a scientist have been associated with that scientist.
  • When in doubt, the priority has been to choose the most important scientists and/or Nobel Prize winners.
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Rodrigo Alcaraz de la Osa
Rodrigo Alcaraz de la Osa
PhD in Physics and Physics and Chemistry Teacher

I have a PhD in Physics and I teach Physics and Chemistry at IES Peñacastillo in Cantabria (Spain).

Jésica Sánchez Mazón
Jésica Sánchez Mazón
Medical Physicist and Radioactive Facilities Supervisor

I am a Medical Physicist at Mompía Clinic in Cantabria (Spain) and a PhD student in Medicine at the University of Cantabria.