Alicia Sampedro

Alicia Sampedro

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I am a bilingual Physics and Chemistry Teacher at IES Cardenal Pardo in Tavera but I am also passionate about the use of ICT and robotics in the classroom.

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  • Higher Technician in Web Applications Development, 2017

    CIFP of Ponferrada

  • Degree in Physics, 2006

    University of Salamanca

  • Technical Engineer in Computer Systems, 2005

    University of Salamanca


Periodic Table

πŸ”œ COMING SOON Periodic Table and Electron Configuration.

Chemical Reactions

πŸ”œ COMING SOON Balancing Chemical Equations, Mass-Mass Calculations and Mass-Volume Calculations.


πŸ”œ COMING SOON Linear and Circular Motion.


πŸ”œ COMING SOON Newton’s Laws and Forces of Special Interest.


πŸ”œ COMING SOON Concept of Pressure, Principles of Hydrostatics and Atmospheric Physics.

Energy, Work and Heat

πŸ”œ COMING SOON Energy and its Forms of Exchange (Work and Heat).